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In addition to producing custom marketing videos, Elite Laser Training offers ready-made videos that focus on a procedure without being specific to any practice. These broadcast quality HD videos can be customized with your practice's logo and contact information, and are available for $500.

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Elite Laser Training helps you master the process of starting up a successful practice. You'll benefit from the vast knowledge our staff acquired from working with the largest cosmetic laser company in the world, and our extensive experience from running the largest laser hair removal center in Missouri. Because the course and onsite consultation combine the basics of skin and hair biology, expert guidance through the business start-up questions, hands-on training, support documents, and ready-to-use advertising, you'll learn how to take advantage of opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

As part of your training, you will receive a 400 page Business Development Manual that covers every aspect of running your business, including front office procedures, operations for the laser center, nursing operations and clinical protocol. The Business Development Manual also includes a human resources manual and ANSI Safety regulations. The course concludes with a certification test and certification from the National Council on Laser Excellence.

A successful cosmetic laser practice must carefully consider certain questions, each of which is thoroughly addressed in the course and onsite consultation:

What types of lasers should I purchase?
How should client consultations be performed?
Which clients will and won't benefit from treatment?
What paperwork should clients complete?
How will the client move through the office?
Will a prep and/or dressing room be necessary?
What is the most effective treatment schedule for each body area?
How should treatments be performed?
What safety precautions must be taken?

While these questions are crucial, still more must be answered:

What expertise should the staff I hire have?
How should payment for services be structured?
What kinds of print and radio ads work best and where can I obtain them?
What kinds of specials should I advertise?
How much should I spend on marketing and advertising?
What should my web site include, and what will make it a strong sales tool?
How will I track leads?
What is the true cost per lead and cost per sale?
How will I most efficiently reach my profit potential?
How can I curtail client complaint, but elegantly handle it when it occurs?