In this short video, you will learn about our Quick Start Marketing Program from Jeff Nebot, founder of Elite Laser Training.

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Classes are being scheduled by reservation.

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All courses are in St. Louis, MO.

In addition to producing custom marketing videos, Elite Laser Training offers ready-made videos that focus on a procedure without being specific to any practice. These broadcast quality HD videos can be customized with your practice's logo and contact information, and are available for $500.

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Elite Laser Training offers a two-day package of onsite, customized, one-on-one training at your office, which includes production-ready advertisements for a variety of mediums, as well as a custom-produced waiting room DVD. For more information, pricing, or to schedule an onsite consultation, contact Elite Laser Training at 636.394.4341 or

You may choose from the following three marketing programs:

Quick Start Marketing Program
Premium Marketing Program
Smart Media Package

Quick Start Marketing Program

View our Quick Start Marketing Program video introduction by Jeff Nebot.

This program is designed to get the customer started down the path to success, quickly. It includes:

The Elite Laser Training Business Development Manual
6 months of unlimited extensive phone consultation
Initial conference call to develop a marketing plan
Weekly follow up calls to ensure the custom plan's implemented and working
Custom designed brochures or mailers
All of the topics laid out in the Premium Marketing Program will be covered

This program does not include an onsite visit, but it has all of the features to ensure success.

Premium Marketing Program

This two day, onsite package is for the client that needs help with marketing, operations, setting up a laser center, etc.  Elite Laser Training helps clients complete the marketing puzzle with ready-to-use strategies proven to maximize impact. Elite Laser Training gives clients the blueprint for success, with 90 pages of easy-to-use forms, including patient treatment logs, consent forms, anatomical treatment sheets, and many other tools – to ensure seamless application for all aesthetic procedures.

As part of this program, you will receive:

Two Days of Onsite Marketing Training
400 Page Business Development Manual
Custom Sales/Practice Brochure
Custom Powerpoint Sales Presentation
Marketing Letters and How to Use Them
Price Guidelines and Menu of Services
25 Marketing Secrets Revealed
15 Key Concepts of Effective Marketing
Sales Tools and Sales Scripts
The following topics will be covered:
How do I promote services to existing patients?
How do I generate leads without spending much money?
How do I track leads?
How do I turn shoppers into buyers?
How do I market to a cosmetic client versus a medical patient?
How do I implement and monitor a referral program?
How do I determine rates? What do I charge?
How do I sell these types of procedures?
How do I cross-sell services to clients/patients?

And much more!

Smart Media Package

This package is for the plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or the med spa owner that does not need the hands on attention they get with the Premium Marketing Program.

The package includes one day onsite filming the physician performing procedures, staff performing their duties and customer testimonials. The finished product will be a broadcast quality DVD that can be played in a waiting room and on a web site. The DVD will be 100% custom made for each practice.

In addition the Smart Media Package will also include custom designed printed materials. The printed materials can be a trifold brochure highlighting the practice or a specific service, a direct mail postcard or a portable display banner to be used at open houses, trade shows and speaking engagements. The Smart Media Package will include the design of the printed material and the first 500 trifold brochures, or the first 1000 direct mail pieces, or the banner. If you require another type of printed media, we will design that instead.

The value of the Smart Media Package is in excess of $15,000 and is a key tool in promoting your aesthetic business.