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The course agenda below outlines the topics that will be covered. Two weeks prior to the course, participants will receive a workbook for review. After completing the course, participants will also receive a CD with the forms required to run an aesthetic laser practice, a certificate of completion, the complete package of production-ready advertisements, and the 300 page Business Development Manual that covers every aspect of your business.

Tuition for the course is $2995.

Day One

Staff Introduction
History of Aesthetic Laser Procedures
Understanding Hair and Skin
  Hair biology and anatomy
  Hair: what type benefits most from laser treatments and why
  Skin analysis: what type benefits most from laser treatment and why
  Hair growth cycles: anagen, catagen and telogen hair cycles
  Treatment options for wrinkles, sun damaged skin, veins and age spots
Understanding Lasers
  Laser physics
  Laser safety
  Contraindications for treatment settings
Presentation of Different Aesthetic Lasers and Wavelengths
Understanding Patients
  Patient selection: which patients will and won't benefit
  How to review hair biology and growth cycles with patient
  How to determine which energy level should be used in treatment
  How to set parameters so treatment is both effective and tolerable
  Tissue interaction: what to expect during and after treatment
Video Presentation of Patient Treatments

Day Two

Using Lasers
  Laser parameters: what settings to use and when
  Laser wavelengths: how depth of penetration controls laser efficacy
  Laser chromophores: what attracts or repels laser energy and why
  Pulse duration: how to optimize treatment via pulse duration
  Cooling methods for skin protection
  Laser safety
Aesthetic Laser Treatments
  Various aesthetic treatment techniques
  Policies and procedures: state and national policies and review
Hands-On Training
  Hair removal
  Skin rejuvenation: sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles
  Spider veins on face and legs
  Sun spots and age spots

Day Three

Patient Care
  Client paperwork: personal medical profile, consent form, skin type form
  Payment for services
  Treatment schedules
  Spot testing for high risk clients
  Pre- and post-treatment care and other nursing paperwork
  Topical applications: prescription topical anesthetics explained
Marketing and Advertising
  Prints ads
  Radio spots
  Web site
  "Effective Web Sites" presentation by St. Louis website design firm
Review of Break-Even Analysis
Certification Test
Questions and Wrap-Up